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Oilfield Training Videos and Safety Certifications

Our oilfield training videos and interactive eLearning programs provide oil and gas workers with a wealth of knowledge to meet industry and government training standards (including API, IADC, OMSA, USCG, OPITO, IMO, SOLAS, ISNetworld, SafeGulf, and SafeLand requirements), as well as complete oilfield safety certifications, using oil and gas safety training courses such as:

Oilfield Safety Certifications and Compliance

Over 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry have enabled Moxie Media to develop an extensive library of oilfield training videos to fit your needs. We regularly update our offerings based on the latest concerns and requirements of the industry, so you can always keep your team safe, efficient, and compliant.

From oilfield safety certifications to emergency response training and more, we serve onshore and offshore worksites with engaging oil and gas safety training. Moxie Media’s IADC RigPass® Certification (with SafeGulf & Safeland endorsement) curriculum and other oilfield safety interactive programs make it easier than ever to ensure the compliance of your oilfield operators and contractors alike. We also provide industry-specific health, security, HR, environmental responsibility, and other training courses to support your team’s comprehensive preparation to work in this challenging field.

Train, Track, and Audit with Our LMS

Along with industry-leading oilfield training videos and safety certifications, Moxie Media provides cutting-edge software that facilitates the administration, recordkeeping, and regulatory compliance audits associated with training. Our LMS, or Learning Management System, allows you to easily track and maintain your team’s training progress and compliance with an advanced set of tools.

The dedicated team at Moxie Media recognizes the value of having a highly trained workforce in the oil and gas industry. Each day poses new risks for oilfield workers, making it critical that your oil and gas safety training supports the productivity and safety of onshore and offshore worksites.

With our LMS, workers can access the oilfield safety interactive programs they need, even in remote locations without internet access. Keeping your team healthy and safe can reduce accidents and workman’s compensation, while boosting job satisfaction and efficiency.

Our LMS software as a service platform also gives you instant access to training records and reports, simplifying compliance audits. Make the most of your team’s training with the full features of our LMS:

  • Organize training, tracking, and reporting within one location in the cloud, so everything can be easily accessed.
  • Automate training assignments and reminders for your employees.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of workforce training and competency.
  • Promote effective HR training to maintain strong working relationships among your crew.
  • Keep your workforce protected and safe while onsite.
  • Satisfy customer and industry compliance regulations.

Request a free demo of Moxie’s LMS or any of our oil and gas training videos today!

Oilfield Training Videos on Our LMS

When paired with our LMS, Moxie Media’s oilfield training videos provide your workers with the real-world knowledge they need to succeed and stay safe.

Even the best training doesn’t help if it’s inaccessible. Our cutting-edge LMS keeps all training and oilfield safety video programs organized and available from an easy-to-use interface. Gain access to training materials online, on mobile devices, and offline 24 hours a day with our LMS.

An image of our workforce safety LMS on an iPad.

We employ the latest technology to make your oil and gas safety training more efficient than ever before. Moxie Media produces only the highest quality video and interactive eLearning programs. Rather than trying to film or simply explain dangerous worksite situations, we can use 3D animation to recreate them virtually.

We also shoot our videos on oilfields and other relevant locations, so your workers can see our training in action in a familiar environment. With the option to shoot custom bespoke training on your company’s premises, we can help you create your own training materials to fulfill specific needs. Either way, your team will be able to comprehend and utilize the training material more efficiently when it takes place on real worksites.

At Moxie Media, our oilfield training eLearning programs and modern LMS software are accompanied by our exceptionally helpful customer service team. We support you and your staff every step of the way to ensure you can easily access and use our oil and gas safety training and LMS.

For over three decades, we have redefined training and compliance management for the oil and gas industry. Our innovative technology and training courses pave the way for workers to gain the oilfield safety certifications they need to do their jobs.

When you subscribe to our LMS, you also gain access to our full library of oilfield safety video and eLearning programs and other training resources, such as manuals, posters, and signs. With over 500 training courses in our catalog and counting, you have everything you need to satisfy the training requirements mandated by API, IADC, OMSA, USCG, OPITO, IMO, SOLAS, and many others.

Moxie Media’s courses are available for your workers to learn and retain instrumental oil and gas training on:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Health
  • Human resources
  • Marine debris environmental responsibility
  • And more

With the use of advanced technology, we offer you a vast array of online and offline training options for your employees to safely and efficiently work within oil and gas environments.

We are proud to provide an inventory of oilfield training video and interactive eLearning programs, paired with our cutting-edge LMS software to help your workers strengthen their skills, achieve important oilfield safety certifications, and maintain a safe work environment while remaining compliant with industry regulations.

Customize Your Oil and Gas Training

The challenges facing oil and gas workers are always evolving, especially as our technology and environment change. Not every oilfield or worksite is the exact same, either. Different positions at different companies demand a wide variety of training materials, and sometimes, custom training is needed to get the job done right.

For more than 35 years, we’ve studied the range of hazards and dangers across oil and gas working environments. With adaptability in mind, we developed our oil and gas safety training and supporting course catalogue to help your workforce perform a variety of tasks, roles, and responsibilities. We also educate workers to complete the latest oilfield safety certifications with our training.

In addition, we are always adding new oilfield training eLearning programs and updating our existing selection to meet your needs. Yet we recognize that some companies will still require customizable training, which is why we offer custom solutions.

When the responsibilities and requirements of your workers demand customized training, Moxie Media has you covered. We can create new training for your company or adjust existing videos and micro learning eLearning modules to your business. With our custom course development, your employees will have the appropriate training to fulfill their duties with confidence and efficiency.

Whether you want to alter our existing oilfield safety eLearning programs or work with us to create your own training, you can take advantage of the following features:

HD Video

Ensures the highest quality possible for your custom oilfield training videos. With the latest technology and equipment, we can even produce videos for you in aerial view with advanced drones or remote locations.

3D Video

Supports greater training comprehension for your employees through artificially constructed scenarios. For example, your oil and gas safety training video can feature footage exhibiting the best practices in dropped object prevention, as well as the risk factors that make dropped objects a potentially serious problem, without risk to video equipment or crew.

Simplified Mobile Design

Offers you the convenience of employee training on mobile devices and tablets. Your workforce will be able to easily watch oilfield safety eLearning videos and learn industry best practices whenever and wherever they want. Moxie Media’s training programs and our LMS are available to both iOS and Android users.

Take advantage of our expertise and advanced equipment to create training to your exact specifications. We can provide your workforce with text, video, and testing materials to promote long-term knowledge of your industry’s operations and practices. Any of the current courses within our online course library can be customized into modules that cater to and benefit your business.

Learn how our custom solutions can help your company by contacting us online or calling 504-733-6907 today.

Get More with Our LMS

The right workforce safety LMS can promote a safe, productive working environment while maintaining your employees’ compliance. Moxie Media’s LMS facilitates workforce safety, productivity, and compliance with a modern, simplified interface. We strive to provide every employee and employer, regardless of their technological skills, with an LMS that enables easy access and operation.

Your employees will find it easy to use our oilfield training eLearning curriculums with 24/7 online and offline access. We also test their comprehension of the material after each module, recording the results directly in our LMS. Effortlessly track and record employee training progress, comprehension, and compliance with our advanced LMS technology.

Once you begin utilizing our LMS software, you and your staff will experience the full benefits achieved by the latest learning management technology. From simplifying communication to automating complicated audit compliance tracking and reporting, the advantages of our LMS will help improve the quality and safety of your work environment.

Below are just some of the best ways our LMS technology can benefit your business and workforce.

1. Scalable Functionality

Over 35 years of experience specializing in maritime and oil and gas safety training has enabled us to develop a dynamic and capable LMS for highly regulated industries. Our technology can facilitate all of your company’s training needs, regardless of the size of your organization.

Oftentimes, functionality is overlooked when it comes to finding a learning management system that can grow naturally with your company. Moxie Media’s LMS technology is designed to consistently and seamlessly meet the demands of your employees, management, and auditors in a single system. Assign training courses, monitor employee progress, and customize reports with ease.

At Moxie Media, we are confident that our LMS will work for you and your employees. We welcome you to try a free demo of our LMS platform today! Discover how adopting our system will promote growth and safety for your company.

2. Accessibility of Oilfield Training Courses

Moxie Media’s LMS software is consistent with mobile devices and tablets using either iOS or Android operating systems. No matter the time or place, your employees can readily access your oilfield safety videos and eLearning programs, take industry-specific courses, and work toward oilfield safety certifications. We offer both online and offline features for our LMS, so working in the field or without internet never gets in the way of training.

Our LMS software is made to help maintain the production and workflow of your company, while efficiently training your employees for long-term growth and success in the oil and gas industry. Significantly reduce your employees’ learning development time with the remote training availability within our LMS. We eliminate the necessity of physical attendance in classroom environments and training everyone on the same schedule to maximize efficiency.

3. Performance and Compliance Tracking

As a manager, tracking and reporting capabilities are a high priority. Our LMS assists you with real-time tracking and reporting of your employees’ training performance and compliance. Save yourself valuable time and energy with our advanced tracking tools.

You can quickly and easily evaluate your employees’ progress for assigned training courses, as well as check their performance on interactive quizzes that provide immediate remediation. The days of sifting through paper files and spreadsheets of training completion and results are over! Let Moxie Media’s LMS help you assign, track, and evaluate every aspect of your employees’ training.

LMS Pricing Options

When you subscribe to our LMS, you gain access to our full oil and gas safety training catalogue, as well as the rest of our HR, security, wellness, and supervisor-centric course library. Even if you already have an LMS, we have an option for you to use our oilfield training eLearning programs and videos on your own system.

At Moxie Media, our pricing options are as flexible as our LMS. We offer a variety of options so you can get the features and access you need at an affordable price.


With our Pay-Per-View option, your company can access our LMS features and immense online course library. It’s a great way to get employees started on their oil and gas safety certifications or other training needs right away. Schedule monthly billing to pay as you go or with prepaid course bundles.


Subscription-based pricing for any size organization is available with our Enterprise pricing option. Whether your business is small or large, our Enterprise pricing option is affordable and packed with our extensive course catalog, as well as our full-featured LMS.

Course Licensing

Moxie Media’s Course Licensing option gives companies that already have an LMS software the ability to utilize our e-learning training content within their software. Our online training courses are compatible with any SCORM-compliant LMS software.

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Between our LMS, oilfield training eLearning curriculum, and receptive customer service team, you can provide your workforce with high-grade training options that best suit your business and their day-to-day responsibilities. Moxie Media’s oil and gas safety training will facilitate a safe work environment for your employees, while our LMS helps you maintain a sound organization and administration of industry compliance.

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