Maritime Security and Safety Training

Our maritime security training, safety training, and other maritime programs are designed to meet the regulatory, safety, and security requirements of the United States Coast Guard, IMO, AWO - Responsible Carrier Program, Subchapter M, OSHA, ABS, and DOT, with maritime courses such as: These engaging and highly interactive courses provide lifesaving maritime safety training and tackle the unique challenges and compliance requirements of the industry.

Maritime Security and Safety Courses

With over 34 years of experience in the maritime industry, Moxie Media has developed an industry-specific course catalog covering maritime safety training, security, and human resources. We provide crewmembers and supervisors alike with the thorough, engaging, and interactive training necessary to flourish in the often harsh conditions of this demanding industry.

As new industry standards, issues, and training requirements emerge, we update or add to our library, so you always have the resources you need. Courses cover training required by USCG, AWO, RCP, IMO, Sub M, and OSHA, in both inland and offshore environments.

Deliver, Track, and Report on Training with Our LMS

Not only does Moxie Media offer industry-leading maritime security training and maritime safety training—we also provide innovative software to deliver, track, and report on training. Our learning management system, or LMS, can help ensure the progress of your workforce’s training and knowledge, while also automating complicated audit compliance tracking and reporting. We consult with each client to customize the LMS to their specific needs and company culture, providing administrative training and technical support.

At Moxie Media, we understand the importance of having skilled, knowledgeable crewmembers and supervisors. Their performance affects the efficiency, productivity, safety, and security of your entire company. But essential maritime skills must be built on a foundation of knowledge and regularly revisited, which is where our maritime safety and security training courses and LMS come in.

Moxie Media’s training library and LMS help your workforce maintain and improve their skills, keeping your business compliant and up to date with the industry’s latest demands. We make it easier than ever to manage your maritime training with our custom solutions.

  • Store training, tracking, and reporting in the cloud so they can be accessed anywhere.
  • Take advantage of our online, mobile, and offline capabilities, so you and your employees can access training materials anywhere, anytime.
  • Create a unique training matrix for each employee as needed.
  • Identify workers’ skills gaps and target core competencies.
  • Enhance employees’ business and trade skills.
  • Keep your workforce safe on the job.
  • Meet customer and regulatory compliance audit and survey mandates.
  • Support your human resources, legal, safety, and training departments with advanced tools for delivering, tracking, and reporting on training, as well as keeping employees in compliance.

Request a free demo of Moxie’s LMS or any of our maritime security courses, safety training, or HR topics today.

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Maritime Security Training, Safety, and HR with Our LMS

Effective maritime training begins with educational courses that account for contractors, visitors, and full-time, part-time, and temporary employees in a variety of maritime environments. But it doesn’t stop there—your company also needs to effectively distribute its maritime safety, security, and any other training courses and manage training results.

Moxie Media’s advanced LMS software has everything you need for your maritime training courses, from design to administration. You can count on Moxie to deliver high-quality, authentic video content. By shooting on actual maritime locations with familiar, realistic settings and scenarios, our training does a better job of keeping your employees informed, engaged, and up to date on the most recent safety and security issues and changes in the maritime industry. 

Our unparalleled customer service team is available at all times to expedite any questions you may have about our dynamic LMS software. At Moxie Media, we pride ourselves on providing  quality maritime safety and security training to companies for more than three decades.

We have created unique, accessible offerings that include high-quality security, human resources, and maritime safety training materials to maintain the compliance of your employees.

Maritime Security Courses, Safety, and Compliance

Moxie Media’s maritime security courses and maritime safety training allow your employees to acquire training that is required by USCG, AWO, RCP, IMO, Sub M, and OSHA in both inland and offshore environments.

Our courses are available to provide your workforce with valuable security and safety awareness, incident prevention, and emergency response training. With text, audio, and video content, we offer a wide variety of resources for teaching employees how to properly operate and work in the maritime industry, from offshore sites to your headquarters.

The maritime industry revolves around many hazardous work environments, but with the help of Moxie Media’s maritime security training, safety training, and workforce safety LMS, you can maintain the safety and compliance of your workforce.

Maritime Safety Training with Moxie Media 

Providing your workforce with high-quality maritime safety training has never been easier than when you partner with Moxie Media. 

Moxie Media has over 50 courses on security, HR, and maritime safety training.

Our eLearning course library offers more than 50 maritime safety, security, and HR training courses for your workforce. In addition to this industry-specific training, you can find other valuable courses in human resources, health and wellness, and more that apply to your employees.

Read more about how Moxie can teach your crew the maritime industry’s standards for communication, hazard prevention, and emergency response below.

Communication Skills

As technology advances, the communication onboard maritime ships and vessels advances as well. Proper communication amongst watchstanders, crewmembers, and supervisors is vitally important for many safety reasons.

That’s why we offer a variety of maritime safety training courses centered on communication, including:

Hazard Prevention and Response

Accidents often occur within the maritime industry. Our training program teaches your crewmembers the best safety practices to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. If an accident does occur, your workers also have the training needed to respond to specific incidents, both inland and offshore.

In many emergency situations, the first few minutes of first aid are the most critical. Your crewmembers will need to know how to safely react to common hazards. This means that every worker must be responsible for knowing how to respond and prevent further damage to an injured person in order to improve safety outcomes for your entire crew.

Customize Your Training Today

After working in the maritime industry for more than 30 years, Moxie Media recognizes the unique circumstances that maritime companies face. These challenges call for unique, custom solutions. We design our maritime safety training and maritime security courses with a wide variety of needs in mind, so you can provide employees with resources that best suit your business.

Yet some companies will still have different needs and requirements that must be addressed. Your business should have the training that will be most useful in your employees’ day-to-day and long-term duties.

If your company is looking for custom training, Moxie Media offers custom course development that includes:

HD Video

Provides the best quality for your videos. Moxie Media has state-of-the-art equipment that gives us the opportunity to film in aerial views as well as remote locations.

3D Video

allows us to fictitiously recreate scenarios to facilitate a higher comprehension level for your employees. For your maritime safety training, for example, we can create video content showcasing the best techniques for responding to a man overboard—without risk to your crew or equipment.

Simplified Mobile Design

Promotes employee training accessibility on mobile devices and tablets. Our LMS and training videos are compatible with iOS and Android users, so no matter what mobile software system your team uses, they will be able to readily learn about maritime security training and more.

Moxie Media can help you produce organic training material and videos for your business with our years of experience, resources, and equipment. If you find a current course within our online library that would benefit your company, we can even convert that course into custom e-learning modules for your employees.

Contact us to learn how our custom options can fit your needs today.

Experience Additional Benefits from Our LMS

One of the driving forces behind our workforce safety LMS is providing an easy-to-use interface for every type of user to operate. We wanted an LMS that could be accessed and utilized effortlessly by both employers and employees. Moxie Media makes it simple for employers to maintain their staff’s training progress and professional skills through the latest technology and software.

When your company begins using Moxie’s LMS, you will experience a range of benefits, from efficient communication to flexible availability for our maritime security training and other courses. These benefits will allow your company to foster a healthier, safer work environment.

Here are a few top ways our LMS software benefits yourself and your team:

Effective Communication

At Moxie Media, our LMS helps promote a more efficient form of communication between team members and leaders. With the advanced software we provide, employers and managers can communicate with employees faster regarding training.

Moxie’s LMS allows administrators to create and send custom notifications to users, so they will receive the message the next time they log into the system. Our built-in help resources offer assistance and answers to students’ questions about using the LMS, reducing the number of questions that supervisors, managers, and employers must field.

Availability of Maritime Security Training, Safety, and Other Courses

As mentioned previously, our LMS is compatible with iOS and Android on all mobile devices and tablets. Employees can gain access to their maritime security courses and any other training anytime, anywhere with both online and offline options.

With courses readily available to employees, your company’s training program can operate more efficiently and better promote company growth. Remote training courses allow employees to find an environment that matches their learning abilities, increasing their comprehension, retention, and performance.

Performance Tracking

Another major advantage of our LMS is its advanced tracking of employee progress and performance. Administrators can monitor workers’ training progress with just a few clicks on our LMS interface.

You can also examine an employee’s performance on the quizzes included with each training module, allowing you to succinctly make judgments on their capabilities. Furthermore, you may assign users different materials and instructions based on their current training progress.

Overall, Moxie Media’s LMS is made to enhance your company’s overall workflow with state-of-the-art technology and innovative capabilities. You will be able to successfully develop a team of highly skilled professionals suited for the maritime industry. Not only that, but you can also better prepare and assist your employees in compliance with industry standards for maritime safety training.

LMS Pricing Options

Moxie Media offers several pricing options for our LMS to fit a variety of needs and budgets, no matter if you just need maritime security training or a whole host of courses.


Our Pay-Per-View option makes it easy to access our huge course library and LMS features. With this option, you can begin training your employees quickly with prepaid course bundles or by setting up monthly billing to pay as you go.

Your employees will get access to Moxie Media’s online training courses with your company’s private, customized training portal. We boast a simple interface for both you and your employees, making it easy for you to navigate, assign course due dates, and track and record progress.


With our Enterprise pricing option, we offer subscription-based pricing for organizations big and small.

No matter the size of your company, Moxie offers an affordable option that includes every feature of our powerful LMS, as well as the entire catalog of our e-learning programs. The Enterprise solution allows you to efficiently add and track custom content, hands-on training, and offline certifications. With this option, you can easily upload groups of data, completions, and training history with the click of a button.

If your employees must complete a course training on a regular schedule, you can even automatically re-enroll those courses to the specific users. The possibilities are endless!

Course Licensing

If you have a current LMS that is compatible with your company, but need to update your training content, you would benefit from our Course Licensing option.

The Course Licensing option gives your company the authority to license Moxie Media’s e-learning content on your own LMS. All of our e-learning training courses are well-matched with any SCORM-compliant LMS.

When you chose our Course Licensing option, you gain access to hundreds of video-based, interactive training courses that cover topics ranging from OSHA compliance to human resources, security, health and wellness, and more.

Get Your Free Maritime Training Demo Today!

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Once you gain access to your free demo, you are at liberty to test each of the features of the LMS. The purpose of our LMS demo is to educate employers and employees on the benefits of our high-grade software, so you can buy with confidence.

At the end of your demo period, you and your staff will have an even better understanding of our learning management system and maritime safety training, making it even easier to quickly implement our software and training courses among your team. You can also schedule a demonstration of our LMS and ask our highly responsive customer support staff any questions you may have.

Ready to get started? Request a demo today or give us a call at 504-733-6907.

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