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Our OSHA eLearning course catalogue uses modern training techniques to promote safety, health, wellness, and compliance with industry and government standards among your workforce. We offer OSHA maritime training online, as well as industry-specific training in oil and gas and many other industries, and a variety of industry-agnostic courses. Our OSHA eLearning courses include:

Our trusted partners provide your team with the 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA courses they need, while our extensive OSHA eLearning catalogue supplements this basic training with a wide range of specific topics. From industry-specific OSHA oil and gas online training, to Defensive Driving Videos for Employees in any sector, Moxie has you covered.

This comprehensive collection of OSHA eLearning training programs fulfills the annual regulatory requirements mandated by OSHA. Regulations are covered on an awareness level by individual topics, reinforcing protective workplace safety and health standards.

OSHA Maritime Training Online

Moxie Media has been proudly serving the maritime industry for more than three decades. We are familiar with both the dangers and the compliance requirements your industry faces.

Workers can access our OSHA maritime training online or offline at any time of day. No matter if they are offshore with limited internet access or at headquarters, they can easily train, retrain, and remain OSHA compliant.

Our OSHA eLearning training programs for the maritime industry cover:

  • Maritime incident prevention and response
  • Maritime vessel and equipment safety
  • Environmental impact of vessel discharges
  • Marine debris awareness and prevention
  • Maritime human resources topics
  • . . . and much more!

We keep your workers engaged and informed with multimedia training programs that use high-quality video shot on location, as well as quizzes after each module to test information comprehension. When paired with our cutting-edge learning management system (LMS), you can manage, track, keep records, and report on employees’ OSHA maritime training online.

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OSHA Oil and Gas Online Training

The oil and gas industry has an overwhelming amount of hazards for workers. Our OSHA oil and gas online training can help minimize these risks. We aim to create a safer worksite, reduce accidents and workers’ compensation, and improve employee well-being and job satisfaction.

With over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Moxie Media has built a comprehensive, industry-specific OSHA eLearning library to improve hazard awareness and preparedness for oilfield workers.

Our OSHA oil and gas online training collection includes:

  • Oilfield incident prevention and response
  • Oilfield equipment safety and procedures
  • Environmental protection for the oilfield
  • Oil and gas human resources topics
  • Industry-specific certification and endorsements
  • . . . and much more!

We are dedicated to protecting your employees and your business with our oilfield training videos, interactive OSHA eLearning programs, and LMS.

OSHA eLearning with Moxie

Although OSHA only defines 6 categories of violations, the cost of even a single incident could have severe financial ramifications for your business. The cost per incident could range anywhere between $12,000 and $129,000, depending on its severity and the cost of legal and medical fees. In some cases, employers could even face jail time for a violation.

Our OSHA elearning serves maritime and oil and gas workers like these on-site.

Providing employees with OSHA eLearning training is the simplest and most straightforward way to reduce this risk. It allows you to remain compliant with longstanding regulations and update your training program to meet newer requirements, too.

Moxie Media’s comprehensive OSHA eLearning course library encompasses more than just topics relating to the maritime and oil and gas industries. We designed our OSHA course catalogue to be a resource for all businesses, since there are a number of OSHA regulations and requirements that apply to different industries.

With Moxie Media, you can provide your employees with the OSHA eLearning courses that matter most for your business:

Administer, Track, and Report on Training with Our LMS

Moxie Media proudly provides industry-leading software to assist employers in adequately managing employee training. Administer courses, track employee progress and compliance, run customizable reports, and more with our array of tools.

An image of our LMS on an iPad, allowing workers to access OSHA elearning on the go.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) was designed to help you build and maintain a highly trained workforce. While the capabilities are advanced, our software is simplified, streamlined, and easy to use. Save time and effort while increasing efficiency by automating your training management with our technology.

With decades of experience in highly regulated industries, our dedicated team understands the importance of having well-trained workers to support the productivity and safety of your worksite. Our courses in safety, health, human resources, OSHA, and more help reduce work-related accidents and worker’s compensation. In addition, providing proper training that is well-organized and easily accessible increases employee morale, job satisfaction, and workflow efficiency.

Think of Moxie Media’s LMS like your own customizable, portable, virtual classroom. It is accessible around the clock, allowing workers to train around their schedules. It is also accessible online, offline, and via mobile device, so workers can use training materials even in the field or in remote locations.

Employers also have instant access to training records through our LMS. Whether you want records for an individual employee or an entire crew, Moxie makes it easy to find what you need. Whenever regulatory officials or company auditors come knocking, you’ll have the necessary training documents right at your fingertips.

Request a free demo of Moxie’s LMS or any of our OSHA, maritime, oil and gas, or other online training courses today!

OSHA Maritime & Oil and Gas Online Training with Our LMS

Make the most of our OSHA maritime and oil and gas training online with Moxie Media’s LMS. When you pair our OSHA eLearning training with our LMS, you enable employees to efficiently gain expert industry knowledge while staying safe and compliant with OSHA requirements.

Our clean user interface makes it easy for employees to work through courses of your choosing, including everything from human resources to OSHA maritime training online. Moxie’s LMS software is accessible to your employees online, as well as on mobile and even offline, for 24 hours a day.

At Moxie Media, we integrate multimedia content into our OSHA eLearning courses. This allows us to facilitate deeper understanding of valuable industry-related skills for employees. Our courses include a mix of text, audio, video, and 3D animation, as well as quizzes and opportunities for discussion.

Not only does Moxie Media offer OSHA oil and gas online training, but we also provide other valuable OSHA eLearning courses that are relevant across various industries. From hazard awareness and response training for workers who may encounter hazardous materials, to fire prevention training relevant to every worksite, Moxie has you covered.

Give your workforce the tools and training necessary to work safely and in compliance with OSHA mandates today.

Hazard Awareness and Response Training

Workers need to be prepared to handle any issue that may occur when dealing with hazardous materials. Informed by over three decades of experience producing training for hazardous industries, our OSHA eLearning courses in hazard awareness and response offer expert knowledge and protection for your team. Keep workers safe and OSHA compliant with our OSHA HAZWOPER Awareness Training and Step Back for Safety: Online HAZCOM Training Video (Hazard Communication) courses.

Fire Prevention Training

According to OSHA, workplace fires and explosions injure more than 5,000 workers each year. The cost to businesses is more than $2.3 billion in property damage alone, not to mention loss of employee morale and retention.

Reduce your risks of workplace fires by providing your employees with Moxie Media’s fire prevention training courses. With our OSHA eLearning courses, you’ll be able to comply with important OSHA standards while communicating proper fire prevention and protection procedures to your employees.

Enhance employee safety today with Moxie’s training courses, such as Step Back for Safety: Online Fire Extinguisher Training Course and Step Back for Safety: Workplace Fire Training and Prevention.

LMS Pricing Options

We offer LMS pricing to fit a range of needs and budgets. Whether you’re interested in our LMS or just our OSHA eLearning and other training programs, Moxie has a pricing option for you.

With all of our plans, you gain access to our entire course catalogue. This includes everything from human resources, to health and wellness, to OSHA maritime training online. Find the training courses your company needs from the hundreds of options available in our course library. With our LMS, you can manage them all in a single place.

Already have an LMS? Our training is still available to you! We can easily integrate our training courses with your company’s system. From emergency response and security training across industries, to OSHA oil and gas online training and more, our course catalogue has you covered.

Our LMS and training courses accommodate a wide range of employers, which is why our pricing options are just as flexible. Provide your employees with cutting-edge training features and instant access at a reasonable price.


Our Pay-Per-View option gives you and your employees access to our many LMS features and immense online course library. Easily introduce employees to our OSHA eLearning training and prepare them for their 10-hour and 30-hour courses. Pay as you go with monthly billing or take advantage of prepaid course bundles.


Enjoy subscription-based pricing with our Enterprise option. This plan gives you access to the full features of our LMS as well as our comprehensive course catalogue at an affordable price. Employees can access training online and offline, making it easier than ever to train teams large and small, even in remote locations.

Course Licensing

With Moxie Media’s Course Licensing option, companies that already have an LMS can still use our multimedia courses. Our eLearning courses are compatible with any SCORM-compliant LMS, so they’re easy to integrate into your system. Upgrade your training program with our courses today!

Custom-Made Courses and Content

Not every work environment is the same, even within the same industry. Your organization may require specific training materials to match its brand, support its goals, or improve workplace efficiency. Custom content development from Moxie Media allows you to meet the demands of your unique workplace.

See an OSHA eLearning course of ours you like, but want to make it your own? We can customize any existing Moxie course to fit your needs. Starting from scratch? We’ll work with you to develop any custom content you need, including:

  • Training courses
  • Instructional resources
  • Documents
  • PowerPoints
  • PDFs
  • Announcements
  • Meeting materials
  • Company policies
  • Procedure reviews and tests
  • Maintenance and inspection procedures
  • Live-streaming and conferencing

With customized content, you can better align your learning objectives with the goals of your business. Our capabilities help your workers apply their training by connecting learning objectives with real-world scenarios.

HD Video

Low-quality resolution videos are unengaging and, even worse, look outdated. Especially when providing OSHA maritime training online, or other safety content, it’s important workers can clearly see every detail of the equipment and scenarios being shown. At Moxie Media, we shoot on location and provide the highest quality resolution for our custom videos. Not only that, we can create videos for you in remote locations or in aerial view using drones.

Streamlined Mobile Design

Your employees can conveniently access company materials and industry best practices anywhere and anytime they want. Moxie Media’s training programs can be used on iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets.

3D Animation

Improve comprehension for your employees by using 3D animation where live filming is too dangerous or impractical. For instance, if you require training on workplace injuries and medical conditions beyond our First Aid, CPR, and Bloodborne Pathogens Training course, we can create custom training modules to supplement, complete with 3D animated scenarios.

Customize your training courses and content now, and you’ll experience long-term benefits. With training that is specific to their needs, your workers can operate more efficiently. Give your team the most productive and applicable learning experiences possible today.

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We designed our OSHA eLearning catalogue to encompass many of the specific requirements mandated by OSHA. From general housekeeping to our confined space training course, Moxie Media’s course catalogue gives you access to 29 OSHA courses and counting! Partnering with established OSHA authorized trainers, Moxie Media also offers your employees the chance to complete their 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA course completion cards.

Ready to try our OSHA eLearning courses and LMS? Request a free demo below! If you have any questions, please contact us today.

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